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How to FLAC

As you might have noticed, newer posts will have indexed links to the release in both mp3 and FLAC - a lossless audio format that is a reasonable compressed version of WAV files, without losing any audible data. This format is usually what you end up getting when you make an accurate image of a CD (unless you rip it to 128 kbps mp3's - that's NOT how you do it, little Timmy - those files are garbage, delete them unless you don't have a better option). And while with modern production values, 320kbps files are excellent in terms of sound quality, a lot of music with multiple layers and/or older recordings like jazz and classical (and some rock and metal) benefits from FLAC, especially if you have relatively high end audio equipment to play your music and reproduce the finer details.

And though FLAC files are larger, it means that you effectively have the band's CD stored on your hard drive or cloud storage or micro SD. Most album length FLAC rips are 200-500 MB, as compared to 700 MB on a CD, minus the need for physical storage. That's one of the reasons you might want to download from here rather than just take your favorite artist offline on Spotify or some streaming service for 5-10 USD a month.

However, a lot of you use Apple products and prefer to use iTunes to play and organize your audio collection - in that case, you can convert FLAC to ALAL (Apple Lossless media format) using Max - it's a free software. If you need an alternative app to play lossless audio and transcode it to mp3s and other formats, here's a great alternative:


Possibly one of the most bizarrely under-appreciated and insanely powerful music player that is entirely free of cost and without any sort of malware or ads. Syncs to ipod, can be remotely controlled via Android devices, rips CDs, plays CDs, transcodes FLAC to mp3s, automatically tags your un-tagged music, integrates with internet radios like pandora, spotify,, soundcloud, and a lot more; allows you to play music from online storage like google drive, dropbox, box, amazon and onedrive; manages podcasts. You're welcome.

Surgeon General Gulsot's Advice: Playing HQ FLAC

There's FLAC, and there's HQ FLAC - usual FLAC is 16 bits, 44.1 KHz - something you can check by looking at a file's properties. But there's stuff that's even better - marked as 24 bits and 96 KHz, or 24 bits and 48 KHz (there's 24 bits and 192 KHz, but that's just audio cancer). The default setting for most computers is 16/44.1. However, you can change this by going to your sound settings on your respective computer and changing the output sampling frequency to the desired amount to best enjoy your newly acquired illegal high quality lossless download. However, your soundcard MAY not always support such a format, and if not it will downsample things to 44.1/48 kHz irrespectively of the original encoding. Solution? Get a DAC if you have money - the Audioquest Dragonfly series is somewhat affordable, and definitely worth the price. It is POINTLESS to play FLAC if you don't have good speakers or headphones, in which case it is better to just convert it to 320 kbps MP3s using Clementine, Audacity or any converter of your choice. However, archiving things in FLAC might be a good idea if you want to listen to it on better hardware later.[full_width]

If you have any other issues with FLAC, let us know. Cheers.




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How to FLAC
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